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Words in sound and in print make me smile. I love to create in any medium: paint, dance, photography, poetry, song, composition...and the list goes on. I am a fromagephile. I love thunderstorms and clowns terrify me.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


As I climbed towards the mountain top,
I raised my eyes and looked above.
I could faintly see a majestic peak,
but the path to get there I could not see.
My heart grew faint and my soul did cry,
I cannot make it, I cannot try.
In anguish, I fell to my knees,
Lord, please send me thy light 
so that I might see
a little of the path for me.
I know I can make it to the end
if thou thine hope to me can send.

I will trust and I will follow,
and bring with me all those I know.

I know this mountain
thou hast climbed and
already faced these challenges I find.
O, stay with me and never depart,
for to thee I give my heart.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I See The Notes With My Toes

Music concerts are such a blending of contradictions in my heart.
 When I hear music I move... period. 
So while I adore the symphony and grands sweeping melodies,
I can feel slightly stifled with no room to fly at a crowded concert.

In happy news, I have found a remedy. 
If you see me grinning with my eyes closed and sitting motionless,
 it's because my soul is soaring on the inside.

The sky decided to paint with water and the earth was its canvas.
Fortunately, I heard the rushing water in time to bound outdoors,
twirl in puddles, and jete through streams.
Oh, it was so brilliant and even more so
when Deba, a friend that I truly admire, joined me.

Here is a picture of me as a drowned rat post rain dance soiree.
Following that is a video of some "dancing" to a song that 
I simply cannot  not move to.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today is a bit of reminiscing
One of my old roomates was the very talented
Stacia Svedi who was in the B.F.A. for Painting at BYU.
She had an assignment to recreate one of the
works of the masters in a new way.

She chose Jan Johan Vermeer's
"The Milkmaid."

I only have the picture she based her painting on but
I wanted to share because I really enjoyed the
commentary on society she was making.
In Vermeer's painting the lighting is soft and delicate
falling on the milkmaid as she pours the milk 
with an almost reverence. 
He has made the task and the setting a kind
of glorification of the everyday simplicity.
There is no clutter to be found in this scene.

Contrast this with the below, the cupboard is open to display
all the appliances that can be used to "save" time when
cooking and baking. On the counter is the bread machine,
and on the table the mixer and then she chose 
to have me opening a loaf of store bought bread. 
(Kind of love the irony that I posed for this, 
considering I haven't bought store bread
in 3 & 1/2 years now, mine tastes better:)
The scene is cluttered on purpose.

I just love the questions and thoughts she was trying to provoke.
I'm definitely not a "Tech" hater, quite the opposite
but I do think it is very easy to fill my life with clutter
and to forget to enjoy the small and simple things.

Sometimes, I just feel so overwhelmed with
how many people I love and want to
make sure they know that I love them.
In fact, I do wish sometimes I didn't work
so much so I could just spend time with all of them.
I treasure all the friendships I have,
even ones where we may not see each other
more than twice a year but it's as if only days have passed.
My friends and family ( I have to quote my sister Bridget here,
"we are sisters which automatically makes us best friends" )
and the relationships I have with them are
the joy of my life. It's not what activity I'm doing
it who I am doing it with.

Here is one memory of why it's who and not what. Stacia is the bomb dot com!
A few summers ago she and I decided to bike
 from our apartment to Vivian Park.
We set out on our bikes wearing helmets and
casual clothes. Pretty soon the sky started to
cloud over and immediately proceeded to pretend
that Utah has a Monsoon season.
There was inches of water on the road and the bike path.
What follows is just one reason why I love Stacia,
soon we were giggling
and laughing hysterically as we pedalled through the
deepest puddles and became thoroughly soaked.
I'm certain many a motorist thought we were insane but
it was one of the greatest times of my life.
It was slightly cold but we just didn't care
because we were too busy pretending to be jet skis on wheels.
We had gone on and would go on other bike rides
that Summer but this ride, where the weather
wasn't perfect, is the one I loved the most.